Inland Area Writing Project Conference 2022

IAWP Conference 2022: Healing Our Hearts Through Writing

Especially in these challenging times, writing can help us build relationships with our students and truly see them in their full humanity. In our classrooms, writing is a powerful tool for students to engage with various perspectives, learn from one another, and deepen their understanding of the world around them. As teacher-writers, writing also has the power to help us connect to our own hearts as we navigate teaching in our often heartbreaking (post?) pandemic world. All educators and educational leaders, TK-University are invited.  

Conference Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Betina Hsieh

Dr. Betina Hsieh

Dr. Betina Hsieh is an Associate Professor of Teacher Education at California State University, Long Beach. Her teacher education work is informed by 10 years of urban middle school classroom teaching, K-12 literacy coaching and work as co-director of the Bay Area Writing Project. At the heart of Dr. Hsieh’s work is the exploration of how who we are shapes what we do (and the choices we make) as teachers and teacher educators. She is deeply committed to creating more equitable spaces that promote the success, sustenance and empowerment of educators from preservice throughout their careers. Her current research focuses on the experiences of teachers and teacher educators of color, with a specific emphasis on Asian American teachers. More information on Dr. Betina Hsieh is available here.


Listing of virtual sessions:

-Using Mentor Texts that Focus on Social-Emotional Competence To Teach Writing and Build Community (Grades K-8)

-Writing for Change: Environmental Literacy and Justice (All Grades)

-Power Writing: Developing Stamina and Fluency Through High-Interest Prompts (Grades K-12)

-Getting Diverse Texts into the Hands of Young Learners (Grades PK-3) 

-Evidence to the Rescue: Developing Dynamic Examples through Setup, Support, Significance (Grades 8-University)

-The Burkean Parlor: Presenting Multiple Perspectives in Writing by Putting Texts “In Conversation” (Grades 9-University)

-Using Restorative Circles to Help Students Process Emotions Through Writing (Grades 3-5)

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Target Audience
Faculty, Staff, UCR Community, General Public, Other
Inland Area K-16 Teachers
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