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Saturday Workshop Series 2017-2018

Saturday Workshop Series for Teachers
Join us at the Inland Area Writing Project to explore what works in teaching writing across the curriculum in K-16 classrooms. Each three-hour session provides a CCSS aligned, hands-on workshop led by experienced K-16 teachers. Participants will gain strategies and ideas which they can readily implement in their own classrooms.
February 10th, March 17th & April 14, 2018
9am - 11:30am
UC Riverside Campus
$75 per person, per session
*Attendance at 3 workshops makes you eligible for 1 unit of continuing education purchased through UCR Extension

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February 10, 2018
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Session A: Formative Assessment as Instructional Practice, grades 8-16

Why is it that instructors, as an institutional practice, assign work, evaluate it, and then move on to the next topic or essay or book?  What skills do students develop with this traditional practice?  This workshop provides a rationale as well as strategies for using formative assessment to help generate interesting assignments from  students' own work, observations for parsing and developing specific reading and writing skills, and ways for instructor feedback to actually affect student outcomes. 

Presenters:  Keith Vance, UCR, Director of Computer-Assisted Instruction, UWP Lecturer and Ninetta Papadomichelaki, IAWP Managing Director, Senior Lecturer, UCR

Session B:  Revision to the Rescue, grades 1-8

This hands-on session will cover activities designed to help students find their inner critic, give suggestions for using mentor texts, and manage critique groups within a classroom setting. Participants will walk away armed with the knowledge and skills needed to rescue their revision lessons and give their classroom a writing makeover.

Presenter: Betsy Newmeyer, Beaumont USD, Three Rings Ranch Elementary School, Teacher, 5th grade

Session C:  Opinion Writing: The Argumentation Foundation, grades  TK-3

This session will explore the role that opinion writing plays in laying the foundation for the argumentation anchor standard. From oral rehearsal to genre-based exercises, participants will have an opportunity to reflect, plan, question, and of course-write, as they come to an understanding of what argument/opinion looks like in the primary grades.

Presenter:  Cindy Lopez Elwell, PhD, Ontario Montclair SD; Teacher, TK

March 17, 2018
(choose 1 session)

Session A: Using Mentor Texts to Teach Narrative Revision, grades 2-6

Participants will write  narrative texts and then see how to use selected mentor texts to revise their writing by using craft moves of published authors. The focus will be on demonstrating how to teach children to read like writers, offering participants practice identifying craft moves used by children's authors that their own students can use when writing or revising narrative texts.

Presenter:  Lois Homma, Special Education Teacher, grades 3-8

Session B: Writing as a Process: Supporting Students through Multiple Revisions, grades 6-16

In this interactive workshop, an educator will share how she designed her course to ease the stress of writing and to promote improvement by guiding students through the writing process, resulting in multiple layers of revision that led to a more thorough and polished final product.

Presenter:  Jane Nazzal, Professor, Writing, Mt. San Antonio College

Session C:  Making an Argument: Claims, Evidence, and Warrants, grades 7-16

This presentation will introduce a strategy for teaching Toulmin argument, a structure widely used to strengthen the effectiveness of persuasive writing. This strategy is successful with a wide variance of student demographics and helps bridge the gap between the academic writing skills of secondary students and the demands of post-secondary education. It addresses the Common Core State Standards related to critical reading of expository texts and coordinates well with the Expository Reading and Writing Course.

Presenter:  Margie Cote, Retired English Teacher, Chaffey JUHSD, Los Osos High School AP Language & Composition and American Studies

Session D:  Teaching Conventions and Beyond to Empower Student Writers, grades 6-16

During this workshop participants will have the opportunity to learn about and practice specific strategies and approaches to teaching conventions in an engaging manner that enables students not only to edit effectively but also to use conventions to enrich their prose and develop their individual author's voice.

Presenters:  Ninetta Papadomichelaki, IAWP Managing Director, Senior Lecturer, UCR, University Writing Program and Keith Vance, UCR, Director of Computer-Assisted Instruction, UWP Lecturer

           April 14, 2018
            (choose 1 session)

Session A:  Teaching and Supporting Young Writers, grades TK-3

What can we do to support and encourage emergent writers? This workshop will offer specific writing routines that help students build self-confidence and develop essential writing skills including strategies for building writing fluency, an introduction to the use of mentor texts, and lesson ideas for introducing students to narrative and informational writing.

Presenter:  Laura Smart, Ontario-Montclair SD, ELA Coach, grades K-6.   

Session B: Developing Strong Writers Through Formative and Self-Assessments, grades 7-16

This workshop helps teachers to use rubrics and model texts as a way to improve students' skills and ownership of their writing. Participants will understand the rationale for and learn strategies for engaging students in self-assessment and for training students in holistic rubric scoring. They will also learn how to provide instruction on specific skills through model texts and how to implement options for differentiation.

Presenter Alicia Becker,  Chaffey JUHSD, Los Osos HS, Teacher,  AP Language & Composition and 12th Grade ERWC

Session C:  Inquiring Minds Want to Know, grades TK-6

This session has been designed to give participants an opportunity to explore the role that an inquiry approach to instruction can have in giving students power to construct concept-based knowledge. The format for the workshop will engage participants in an investigation on their current practice and explore how to include inquiry-based strategies within current units of study and investigations in their own classrooms. From provocation and guiding questions to summative assessment, this workshop will challenge participants to spark students’ curiosity and raise the rigor of their expectations.

Presenter:  Cindy Lopez Elwell, PhD, Teacher, Ontario Montclair SD,  Teacher,  TK

Session D: Argument Writing: From Notebook Entry to Extended Writing, grades 6-10

In this session, participants will explore and experience the process of extending a notebook entry to a longer argument piece of writing. Through the lenses of reading like a reader and reading like a writer, and the use of mentor texts, participants will be better equipped to guide their students through the writing process.

Presenter:  Deanna Manker, Ontario Montclair SD,  Teacher,  Grade 7 English-Language Arts & Social Studies

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